About The Live Launch Method

About The Live Launch Method

The Live Launch Method is a digital marketing launch process that details a step-by-step approach to how to launch a product or service in precise detail. It is my favorite way to launch a new service and I used to really love webinars. While webinars are not dead evergreen webinars came along and then the Live Launch Method (the challenge method) was born.

The Live Launch Method first popped up online in 2015. Facebook groups were very popular and people were looking to entertain and nurture people joining their Facebook Groups. With the algorithm changes on Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups was the perfect fit.

What You Need To Know About The Live Launch Method

(Read This Section About The Live Launch Method Before You Execute This Strategy. I Will Save You A Great Deal Of Time And Effort.)

The Live Launch Method is a great way of selling your products and services BUT it will NOT work if you don’t have an audience of people who actually want and need your product or service. Like most digital marketing methods it is touted by a few success stories that it’s EASY and you just need to show up and teach. This is not true. If you plan a challenge, workshop or live launch that no one cares about and no one has heard about you and no one believes that you can actually help them… you WILL NOT GET ANY SALES.

You 100% need a strong marketing and business foundation for this to work!

Typically this strategy is “sold” as … “just use your phone for video and stream into your Facebook Group and magic will happen.” This could NOT be further from the truth. To execute this strategy correctly you also need all the technology that any other digital marketing strategy requires.

The types of digital marketing technology you will need to ensure this is a success is

  • Challenge Sign Up Landing Page
  • Challenge Thank You Page
  • High Converting Sales Page
  • A Way To Take Money (like Paypal, Stripe or other online payment method.)
  • Reminder emails for the prospects that signed up for the challenge
  • Sales emails for selling your program and services

Why Is The Live Launch Method So Amazing?

The Live Launch Method is a way to live stream content into a Facebook Group. Similar to other launching strategies the business owner needs to create a free piece of content and use this free piece of content, often called an irresistible offer, to lure prospects into a Facebook Group.

The Live Launch method will help you really engage your facebook group so I really recommend it.

Once they are in a Facebook Group the Live Launch method can begin. Live participants are in the Facebook Group and therefore the Live Launch method can begin. It would make sense if this product launching formula for digital marketing would show up on this list of Best digital Marketing Launch Strategies but it really didn’t and I’m surprised.

How Long Does The Live Launch Method Take?

The LIVE Challenge Method can take three to five days with a few days before you close your cart. This is a very powerful method of closing prospects into coaching or consulting packages. I like this method very much but there are a few things you need to be aware of. Like with all digital marketing, these things take time. The Live Launch Method, while powerful can take some practice and some patience. So beware… anything that sounds too good to be true it is.

The Live Challenge/Live Launch is similar to Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula. The problem is you need a perfect product and the perfect audience for any of these product launch strategies to work. I will return to this blog post and post plenty of product launch strategy examples and talk more about them. You can count the Live Launch formula in as you want to launch your next product.

Do you ever feel like you don’t know how to launch your product or service? Well you should really consider this product launch method. It utilizes the power of going live. Nothing creates intimacy more than going live! It’s very powerful and can bring people closer to you. It’s important when you create a launch that you have the right audience, product and that you are able to come across really well on a live stream. If you have these three parts down you can make a lot of money and be really successful when it comes to launching your product.

Why Digital Marketing Can Work For You

Digital marketing can be really frustrating but it can also be really rewarding if done correctly. If you follow the steps of this powerful method you will really be able to launch your product. Should we go over the steps of this method?

The 12 Live Launch Method Steps

  1. Set up a Facebook Group
  2. Fill the group with 300 – 500 of your perfect client. This can’t just be anyone it has to be your perfect client.
  3. Plan a live launch by choosing a topic you can teach over the course of 5 days.
  4. While your teaching make sure that the prospects have some sort of “a-ha” moment.
  5. Make your pitch on the second to last day. The day before your sexiest juiciest topic.
  6. Create scarcity by telling them the cart will close 5 days from now.
  7. Promote the replays.
  8. Sell it all baby.
  9. Do a bunch of social selling.
  10. Have people come on with testimonials.
  11. Remove the videos and take down the sales page.
  12. Win at launching your next product.

These are the simple steps to the live launch method now you are ready to roll. Good luck… but you don’t need it since this is a proven way to launch your product.